You are an amazing teacher and I am so glad that McKenzie gets you again next year. You go above and beyond what I ever expected in a teacher with the baby chicks and caterpillars! McKenzie always comes home with glowing remarks about you. You have helped her grow and learn so much in the last year, we are so glad we enrolled her and were so lucky in having a teacher like you. We will see you in the fall.

From McKenzie and Marcy

Thank you so much Mrs. Gow and Ms. Wittke and all the other teachers who have made our little girls preschool years such a wonderful experience.

From Mina, Sean and Ramona

Thank you so much for your care, patience and love you showed us this year. We loved your school!

From Harrison and Charlie

Thank you for being such a wonderful preschool teacher. I enjoyed coming to school to learn and explore each and every class. This year, I especially loved holding the baby chicks. They were really soft. You will have lots of fun when my little sister Kayla joins your class.

From Jayden

Thank you for making Kasey's first preschool experience so much fun and such an easy adjustment for her!

From Melanie and Kasey

Thank you very much for all your help, support and encouragement. You are my most favourite teacher.

From Areer

Thank you very much for being an awesome preschool teacher for Jonah! He loved going to school everyday!

From Rebecca and Jonah